Friday, November 12, 2010


Alpha 5: Danger! Danger! It's the big one! I know it! We'll all be destroyed!
Zordon: Calm down, Alpha. It's Rita, and she's attacking the planet.
Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai! What should we do?!
Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans.
Alpha 5: No, not that! Not... teenagers!
Zordon: That is correct, Alpha.
Alpha 5: I was afraid of that.

Hey awesome blossoms! :DDD

School has been a bit overwhelming! Right now my health bar says that I'm at 3.14159%, which means I have hit....ZOMBIE MODE!!! Yes. That's right. ZOMBIEEEE MODE!!! I am turning green this very moment and say what!?! Is that my tummy grumbling? I guess I'm getting hungry....OH HI there family! You guys look lovely today! :)

I guess it's share time!

This is my flyer that I made a couple of weeks ago for my circle k's event called "Trick or Treat for Unicef."

Doodle ---> Adobe Illustrator ---> Photoshop

I forgot to add a thumb to Thumbless Baby. But that's ok! Thumbless Baby, give me a high four!!! *puCHAAA* :D