Wednesday, January 30, 2013

shampoos and peanut butter








*BOOM BOOM BOOM* (Imagine the sound of a dozen fireworks and banging trash cans!)

Yes yes! I know I am about 30 days late, but we should all use our imagination and pretend it was 30 days ago! Better yet, I think we should just pretend to ask  ourselves a very important question: How exactly do I get rid of jet lag? It is definitely NOT by going to bed everyday at 8 in the morning!

Anywhoo, I got back from my wonderful trip from the Philippines about a week and a half ago and I had an awesome time. We had lots of family outings, eating, shopping, and site seeing!

My brother, cousins and I at a farm. I ate so many quail eggs that day.
This is the first time ever we had all of the cousins together!

Apparently you can also get this great deal where you can buy two shampoos and get a free jar of peanut butter.

The end. Toodles :)