Friday, December 2, 2011

Here comes Hercules

Dear Internet Surfers,

Today is my Mommy's birthday and so we took the family out to lunch. While roaming around the buffet aisles, I got into thinking. Ice cream. Plain brown Sprinkles. Spicy tuna sushi. Boy, those dumplings over there are looking mighty tasty. Did that guy over there really filled up his entire plate with fried bananas. Holy crap! Her Christmas themed earrings lights up every other second ... I HAVE NO MUSICAL TALENT!!!!

Was I one of those kids whose asian parents forced into learning the piano, saxophone, flute, or those other shiny objects that I have no idea what their names are? NOPE. I kinda wish they did, but all this is going to change.

Zordon: How so?
Zordon: Huh?
Me: A harmonica of course!

Look at this beauty that I just ordered!

(It's actually a Key C I got.)

Now it's going to be great. The internet is filled with magical information with lots of how to instructions. I just have to keep on practicing!

Can't wait till Hercules comes in the mail! Peace out homies!


PS. Life List #28 Past the CBEST and CSET: CHECK! :D