Thursday, June 24, 2010

P is for Patterns and H is for Hunger...

I'm very bad at studying...

and I am hungry...

but here are some patterns I made a year ago when I was learning Illustrator of...

1. octopuses

2. friendly monsters

3. hexagons with killer smiles :D

4.Go on..zoom in! :) It's actually a pattern of a chopped up night scene! (But WAIT! Not too close...there's some imperfections.)

I think half of them were for my summer class project (Studio Art 65A) and the others were for fun.

Oh! Did I ever mention that these patterns tessellates too?

Peace out yo! :D

Summer School: A Day in the Science Library (Part I)

Dear Me,

Please get better at studying.

Thank you. :)


ps. Finish your crypto. homework. It's due TOMORROW!!! @-@

Saturday, June 12, 2010


After two weeks of two final projects, two final exams, and a final paper...

*inhales air*

ahh! The smell of FREEDOM smells like the sweet, spicy sizzling kung pao chicken at Panda Express over a big firing wok...

...and *exhales air*

No matter the papers due, the mathematical proofs to remember, the drawings and ideas to come up with ... always remember what the Great Jason Mraz several times sang...

So remember...

....and have a wonderful and lovely summer...

..climbing trees! :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jem in 20 hours

Objective: (FINAL PROJECT)
Using what we learn in Studio Art 20A (basic drawing) draw an image in one of these categories. 1. Portrait 2. Still life 3. Architecture.
This drawing should be 3 feet long and focus on 1. value 2. negative/positive (I forgot the word after this)3. composition 4. lines 5. perspective

25x 40 inches (yikes! $12)
graphite pencils.

Step one.
Gather objects. Two Japanese stuff plushies. Gameboy color. Box. Sunka (aka mancala board)

Step two.
Say cheese!

objects: "CHEESE!" :)


20 hours later...


Sorry for bad quality photo.

Close up...

Oh my. This took 15 hours more than I thought it would take. This class was honestly challenging for me. It was my first drawing class I have taken and maybe the last. (I'm not sure it I want to take the Intermediate level.)But it was actually a good thing that I took this class because I feel like I improved a lot better compared to when I first day.

Looking at my work at a distance...doesn't the gameboy looks like its melting or glumping down? :D (yikes!)

back to studing for finals week.
2 more finals to go and 1 final paper.