Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jem in 20 hours

Objective: (FINAL PROJECT)
Using what we learn in Studio Art 20A (basic drawing) draw an image in one of these categories. 1. Portrait 2. Still life 3. Architecture.
This drawing should be 3 feet long and focus on 1. value 2. negative/positive (I forgot the word after this)3. composition 4. lines 5. perspective

25x 40 inches (yikes! $12)
graphite pencils.

Step one.
Gather objects. Two Japanese stuff plushies. Gameboy color. Box. Sunka (aka mancala board)

Step two.
Say cheese!

objects: "CHEESE!" :)


20 hours later...


Sorry for bad quality photo.

Close up...

Oh my. This took 15 hours more than I thought it would take. This class was honestly challenging for me. It was my first drawing class I have taken and maybe the last. (I'm not sure it I want to take the Intermediate level.)But it was actually a good thing that I took this class because I feel like I improved a lot better compared to when I first day.

Looking at my work at a distance...doesn't the gameboy looks like its melting or glumping down? :D (yikes!)

back to studing for finals week.
2 more finals to go and 1 final paper.


  1. not bad jade. you should keep taking more drawing classes, but make sure you research the teacher and what they teach/ will make a big difference. You'll either waste your time or gain a lot. trust me.

    question: for your project did you draw from the photograph or from life? (actually in front of it)
    It makes a big differnece too if you used a flash and more than one light source... it actually makes things harder. but yeah graphite renderings... especially one of that size takes ages. but good job.

  2. and if you want more of my crit/ 2 cents im just a msg away. feel free to crit my stuff too =)

    good luck and have fun with your finals ;p

  3. Hi yves! Thanks for the critique :D

    For the first couple of hours I did it from life but then I had to go back to Irvine so I took a picture. I think I messed up there since in life I had one light source and when I took the picture it became two :(

    Sadly, at uci we dont really have a choice in picking teachers since they cut down alot of classes because of the budget cut. But she was a really energenic lady :)

    But yes yes! give a tougher critique!

    and your work is always amazing! :D

  4. yeah you are right that wasn't really much of a critique. so here goes my other 2 cents so you can be a step closer to be a rockin' artist.

    1. You mentioned that the gameboy looks like its melting... well a lot of the things in the picture looks like they are melting, but that can easily be fixed with straighter lines.

    2. A bigger issue is object placement. According the the photograph... the white box (where knick knack yogurt is sitting on) is actually a bit more forward than his buddy with the gameboy, BUT in your drawing its the opposite.

    -when you do a still life (especially one you set up yourself), make sure the placement is accurate. The only reason you may want to move things around in a drawing/painting is to compose and make it better. but since its a still life you set up yourself... you would just change the actual objects.

  5. 3.Values: your value range is actually not that bad, but since you made it more complicated by adding a second light source (flash) it made things look wierder and less 3 Dimensional.
    It doesn't matter what techniques you use for the graphite rendering/shading. It can be either loose or precise, hatching or cross hatching, stippled or large strokes... it doesn't matter... BUT what does matter is a good simple and solid value range. I can go on about values, but it's actually better going with a smaller range... instead of 0,1,2,3,...10 (black)... it's nice to simplify first and use 3 values. Black, grey, and white.
    This would help with a quick litthe value study the size of a thumbnail. should take only 15-20 mins. if you did that then your whole project would have been twice as fast. sounds wierd but true. its because you would have made the more important decisions already... instead of just trying to copy from the photograph.

  6. BONUS QUICK TIP: about lighting. I don't know a lot yet, but there are some things I learned that can get you very far.

    1. Single light source is usually best in that it's simpler and can make things look more 3 dimensional when placed correctly.

    2. Use a lamp or some strong light closer to your objects to have stronger contrasts.

    3. When you take a picture of something to copy from... never use flash. Flash aka. Frontal lighting is one of the worst lighting situations because it makes things look flat. That's why when you see picture of people or ourselves... usually the ones taking with a flash are not the most attractive. ;p But more importantly... it makes things look FLAT!

    4. When you take a shot without flash you usually get camera shake/blurr... if you don't have a tripod, just stack some books or put the camera on something sturdy so it won't shake while you shoot.

    -i know that's a lot, but enjoy!

  7. wow! thanks alot yves! this will be very helpful! especially with the values :D

    rulers...yes yes! my teacher is always telling me about this but i get so lazy but ill make it look alot better

    haha. ..and thanks for the bonus tip too. i never knew that about flash and no wonder it looked blurry when i figured out how to do it without flash.

  8. your welcome jade. looking forward too see more of your work.

    btw. i dont recommend using rulers especially for still lifes. just learn to draw straighter. a non ruled line done by a human hand looks so much better than one that is done by a ruler. you'll see what i mean. the subtleties of imperfectiong makes things look better.

    and if we can meet for a cup of tea or a bowl of cereal this summer. i shall give you a few drawing lessons =D

  9. coffee and muffins!

    ...whenever your in irvine! :D