Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i want nobody, nobody BUT YOU!

Hey cool kids!

I think it was about two weeks ago...but I made a "banner" for my Circle K's Talent Show that I wanted to post. We had our very own members do bunch of cool Korean dance routine, so I wanted to still have that K-Pop flow to it.

Q:So what's the best K-Pop crew out there?

b)Super Junior
d)Big Bang

A: SUPER JUNIORS of course!!!

But does anyone heard of Wonder Girls and I think their hit song is called "Nobody."

Let me refresh your memory... (or give you memory)

~~~~~~~ (sending waves of memory cells)

[This is where I start snatching other people's facebook photos. Thanks Virginia, Tommy and Kat (even though I don't think they visit my blog) :D ]

I like the idea of having an interactive banner (one where people can have fun with). I think I took me a good 8 hours to finish. (I'm a very slow worker and it takes me awhile to make up my mind on matters) So here it is....

That's me to the right.


Good night all! :)

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