Monday, June 20, 2011

Life List #27

27. Better my Adobes Illustrator skills.

What better way to practice adobe illustrator than to draw the original cast of Stargate SG-1?

This took me awhile but I'm happy with the results! I love playing around with Illustrator and I want to get better at this! So I'll try to make something every week (hopefully!) :D


For some reason, I started to watch Stargate....and it is AWESOME! I'm just on season 2 and the story lines are wonderful! I love how they tie in the mysteries of our own world to their show! Worm Holes, alternate universe, Thor and Ra were actually aliens from another world?, say what!?!?! Yup! It's all there!

Toodles and go watch it for yourselves! :D


  1. haha these are great Jade! you should send them to their site or something as fan art! I miss watching that show.

  2. thanks yves! isnt this show so cool! can't believe i started to watch it almost 15 years after it was first shown! :D