Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remember kids, the Quail-call is NOT a toy!

This week I bought a pair of canvas shoes and it was the color of a bright new tennis ball.

But something was missing. We can't just leave a pair of plain canvas shoe a pair of plain canvas shoe.
So here is the gameplan...


1. An evil bandit rabbit villan with a super cool mustache

2. Nana nana nana na ....Batman!

3. The indestructible Superman

4. Quailman (Doug was such a great show! Kids these days do not know what they were missing.)

5. And of course no super hero team is complete without CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS


Now time to find a shoe spray protector. :)


  1. very nice! Do you wear these around?
    I remember doing this to my white vans a few years back. Maybe I'll wear em when we meet and you can wear yours! muahha